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Culture in the National Park

When we speak of the National Park of Monti Sibillini, we do not speak only of nature inside the park art is the host, because in addition to discover it in churches and medieval fortifications, it can unearth some museums such as the one Visso, a lovely town of ancient origin.

At Visso there is the Museum of the Leopardi Manuscripts that traces the life of the famous poet and writer born in nearby Recanati. These precious manuscripts of Leopardi were owned by Prospero Viani, principal of a high school in Bologna, which in 1869, but due to economic difficulties, they had to sell and were purchased by Gaola Antinori, the mayor of Visso. The Museum is completed by twelve seventeenth-century paintings depicting 12 sibyls.

A Montefortino, among majestic mountains and lush nature, you can visit the Civic Art Gallery, housed in a beautiful building with ornate ceilings. Inside you can admire paintings, sculptures, drawings and other objects of fine workmanship.

Every small town in the Park has a nice and picturesque old town, most of them medieval, with defensive walls and doors. Among the best preserved countries and more interesting from an architectural point of view is reminiscent of Arquata del Tronto, with beautiful walled fortress, Castelsantangelo sul Nera, with the walls shaped like a triangle restored in recent years, Montefortino, Montemonaco and its castle, San Ginesio, Visso, with its imposing walls and a glorious past and Norcia, the prettiest village, charming and best preserved of the whole park.

The same Fiastra represented a fundamental importance to the city from the political-geographical point of view; seat of the Lords Magalotti exercising their "power" of four castles: Fiastra, Poggio, Apennines and Macereto. To visit is just absolutely the Magalotti Castle which houses the Benedictine church of San Paolo.

The Fiastra castle began to decline already under the Sforza period and was finally abandoned when Camerati domains were under the guidance of Cesare Varano which held that there were no special defensive strategic needs. Located on top of the hill and surrounded by walls covered a perimeter of more than 500 mt.

Every small town and the various fractions hide country churches or ancient abbeys, real architectural gems worthy of being discovered and admired. Among the most significant places of worship include:

  • the Abbey of Santa Maria in Rio Sacre, in the municipality of Acquacanina
  • the Abbey of San Salvatore, situated in the hamlet of Cessapalombo Monastery
  • the Sanctuary of the Blessed Ugolino in Fiastra
  • the Church of San Marco in the hamlet of San Marco di Fiastra
  • the Hermitage of San Leonardo, embedded in dell'Infernaccio Gorge
  • the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Ambro
  • the Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia
  • the Parish of Santa Maria, with the beautiful crypt, located in Pievebovigliana
  • the Church of San Giusto, one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in the Marche, located in San Maroto Pievebovigliana 
  • Abbey Sant'Eutizio in Preci
  • the Sanctuary of San Liberato, nestled in the woods at San Liberato San Ginesio
  • the Sanctuary of Macereto, isolated in nature, which belongs to the municipality of Visso.

The National Park of the Sibillini Mountains offers its visitors a wealth of museums that provide unforgettable experiences, we offer a list of some museums to visit during your stay in the Park:

  • Museum of the Chamois (Fiastra / Via del Lago # 5) 
  • Pinacoteca Duranti (Montefortino / Via Roma snc Palazzo Leopardi)
  • Museum Of the Sibyl (Montemonaco / Villa Curi)
  • Museum Of Carbonaie (Tribio Montalto - Cessapalombo)
  • Museum Of our Earth (via St. Augustine 1 / Pieve Torina)
  • Museo Civic and Historical Archive (Fiastra / Via Roma n1)
  • Art-museum - Archaeological "R.Campelli" (Piazza Vittorio Veneto n.90 / Pievebovigliana)
  • Museum Of Pastoralism (Location Cupi / Visso)

Throughout the territory in different seasons of the year, they are held: festivals, events, pageants, concerts and exhibitions. The territory is rich in history and traditions, and as tradition says the food and wine is definitely one of the resources of this land. Lots of events for fans of good food and good wine. For a better understanding the topic and perhaps indulge your palate you just have to come and try it yourself.

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