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Fiastra's Lake

San Lorenzo al Lago is a town located on the shores of Lake Fiastra and originated after the reservoir was completely filled. Its name comes from San Lorenzo a small country that was on the bottom of the valley called San Lorenzo to River and along with other small residential areas, was always covered by water.

During periods when the water level is lowered, you can still see some elements of the old country's re-emergence on the surface, this happens in winter and spring periods when levels are not maintained in full and constant rate as in summer.

The area around the lake was already known from the point of view of the archaeological well before the construction of the dam. Many discoveries were made in the vicinity of San Lorenzo to River: graves with sacred kits, fragments of ceramic pots attributed to the Neolithic, blades, scrapers and scrapers who served Paleolithic humans to hunt and to scrape the hides. Today these treasures and relics of the past have been returned to the community of Marche and kept at the National Archaeological Museum of the Marches.

The lake is a valuable reservoir of energy and its waters will impress and amaze you with their clarity and color depth. Light blue, dark blue, turquoise, sapphire, emerald green, cobalt blue, there are many nuances that will appear and you will always be different with the change of light, brightness and views and promontories from which I admire. The shore of the left side is very steep and therefore not particularly accessible while that of the right side, much more flat, is bordered only by the main road, by a comfortable path place right next to the lake passable on foot or by bicycle.

Besides its hydroelectric facility, Lake Fiastra is also a major tourist attraction due to its beautiful location. Surrounded by mountains and woods is a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day along its banks.

You can relax in the sun on the shore close to the camping or sailing, rowing and similar water sports.
In this delightful setting that is Lake Fiastra and who are the Sibillini Mountains for many years, between the months of June and July, there is the "Triathlon Monti Sibillini or a sports competition involving such hundreds of participants from all over Italy.

In addition, the lake is the scene of many competitions and sport fishing nottura fishing taking place and are organized throughout the year and the opportunity of fishing using the technique in depth or spinning, the carp-fishing, touch-with fixed barrel of 4 mt and English. The Lake Fiastra is populated by trout, chub, roach, barbel, carp, tench, rudd, brook trout, pike and perch.

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